Zolani Mahola / The One Who Sings

Remember Who You Are is the first single off Zolani Mahola’s upcoming solo debut album set for release in March 2021.

The song is a call for all of us to see ourselves as an integral and perfect part of the whole of Creation. It further invites us to value the young, to nurture in them a sense of their intrinsic worth and value that they may grow to be whole people! The song was also inspired by Zolani’s ambassadorship of the #GiveHerACrown campaign which is a storytelling platform using the arts to positively affect the narrative of gender equality and female empowerment in South Africa.

The fantastic Mr Sakitumi has produced this song and is producing the album coming out in March 2021

The Music Video features tactile art by the Cape Town based artist Mark Rautenbach who works in a variety of mediums and techniques often with material which is considered waste matter, thread, paper, development of yarns, knitting, public performances and craft-like studio work.

In his words about the interaction of the artworks and Zolani : “If my World reflects an inner ecology, then, what does that inner ecology look like if I wish to be reflected in a healthy happy sustainable world? Your words reflect a tender resilience and agency that we make a difference by being who we are”

It has been such an honour to be creating this video together with all the amazing human beings that come together to weave something greater than themselves. I am grateful for the synchronicity and getting to play with projections and light over these works of art, human and otherwise 🙂

Song – Zolani Mahola – The One Who Sings

Music Producer – Mr Sakitumi

Directing, Projection Art, Filming, Editing – Inka Kendzia

Artist – Mark Rautenbach

On Set Assistance – Purity Mkhize

Final Colour Grade – Skye Barrow at Priest Post Production in Cape Town

Please visit GIVE HER A CROWN for more details on the #GiveHerACrown campaign!

WAWUNDITHEMBISILE was released in August 2022 – Thank you amazing Zolani – The One Who Sings – for our collaboration on this meditation on the connection with the natural world… on coming home to oneself… on remembering Her parts