For the past 2 years it has been such an honour and an immense pleasure to be directing all the visuals for the fantastic MUSIC IS KING festival in Johannesburg. The complete creative freedom I have been given by Black coffee’s team and Formative is something I treasure. Designing and creating the flow and feel of all the showvisuals for all the amazing artists playing on the 2019 edition and mixing for them live, made my VJ heart so very happy. Planning with the fabulous team FORMATIVE on how we can keep leveling up the experience for the audience, incorporating lighting and bringing the various design and structures of the stage to life, brings me so much joy. I am so very grateful for this experience.

I got to play live for the entire MIK 2019, pre-producing all content, filming and animating and adding the digital art of the great AFRICAN GINGER & KING DEBZ. Thank you also to Mearg all the way in Ethiopia for adding 3D elements and loops I could play with.