Maramza – uWrongu feat Bonj Mpanza

“UWrongu” is an intimate music video stylistically influenced by Afro Futurism. Distortions and glitches are used to represent the turmoil of emotions felt, the complexity of love, anger, loss and betrayal. The imagery distorts to reveal the storm that is whirling within Bonj, the mess that was created in her head, her emotions overflowing, spilling over the edges of the usual cinema crop. All this while Bonj looks directly at camera and speaks straight to the heart of the viewer.

The video is a collaboration between Inka Kendzia and Sara CF de Gouveia and the track is by Bonj Mpanza and DJ Maramza. Inka loves playing with projections and video mapping, this collaboration was a perfect mix between this projection art and the fantastic filmic and documentary approach and great eye of Sara’s

Directors: Sara Gouveia (Lionfish Productions) & Inka Kendzia
Animation Director & Projection artist: Inka Kendzia
Cinematographers: Sara Gouveia, Anton Scholtz and Simone Rademeyer
Camera and Lighting Assistants: Julia Ramsay and Ellena Lourens
Make-up & Wardrobe: Soraya Guedes
Editing: Inka Kendzia & Sara Gouveia
Colour grade : Sara Gouveia
Visual effects: Inka Kendzia

On Set Photography: Simone Rademeyer