For most of 2017 I was directing the motion design elements for this fascinating documentary by CHRIS PAINE on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and how far it has already come and impacted our lives. It has premiered now and I am glad the information that is contained in the documentary is out for all to see, as we all need to inform ourselves on the impact of AI on many levels, even in something like the algorithms running our social media… let’s make sure we become better humans so the AI we build has a better starting template to learn from…

Developing Artificial Intelligence seems scripted into our DNA, just as much as we are creating it in our image, we will of course be a part of it as well. The device I developed to be the transition device for the whole documentary, to allow for the easy flow between so much varied footage and interviews, was based on seeing our DNA as a time capsule that can be scrolled through, where the AI picks relevant moments in time to review. The amazing design work by one of my heroes Ash Thorp for Assassin’s Creed was so inspiring.

I directed the fantastic 3D team at LUNG ANIMATION and worked with the super JANNES HENDRIKZ for his fantastic compositing and hoverboard skills. We had many months of fun in the studio animating away, filming projections, incorporating Lidar Scans and blasting laser pointers through ice blocks… never a dull moment.
Thank you to the most amazing team! Hi-fives all round

It is available for as a streaming copy HERE.