I am a visual artist playing in many fields and flowing between many industries. My varied skill-set allows me to take any project from start to finish – from inception to final product, be it for movies or live performances. I especially love brainstorming solutions of any kind and then take these ideas and play with projection art, film, animate, motion design, edit, stage design, video map or mix live for whatever is required.

The end product can be documentaries, movies, live visuals or timed playback for shows of any kind, be they intimate gigs or giant events with huge amounts of LED and projection technology… Joy : )

I am so grateful to all the fantastic opportunities I have had in all these various industries and the many collaborators and friends I get to play with. I look forward to many future creative solutions as I immerse myself in ai, generative visuals and new and old tech. What I enjoy most is keeping on learning and finding new ways to incorporate the organic, the human and real, into all the new technology and magic making.

thank you