This immersive installation I created for the PLAYTOPIA Festival in Cape Town explores themes of the self. It viscerally shows our connectedness and how every thought, every action, every word and every sound you make sends ripples through the fabric of time

“You are an instrument in the vast orchestra of the cosmos – you have a part to play” SUN RA

Projecting audio responsive visuals through layers of sheer screens… the resulting layered image extruded a 2 dimensional design and motion into a three dimensional tunnel. Using a kinect, the viewer was further immersed into the projection with their own silhouette filled with “stardust” and particles.

The installation looped but was forever changing depending on the interaction. While the audio playing Sun Ra and Alan Watts quotes played in its own time free-flowing over ambient music running at a much longer loop.

No moment is ever the same. There is only Now.

Photographs by Jonathan Ferreira