Internationally renowned South African artists Inka Kendzia and Faith XLVII presented their new collaborative projection-mapped mural in Cincinnati during the Blink Light Festival.

Faith’s mural, thematically based on Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace, highlights the importance of actively working towards a society that functions on open communication and inclusion.

The intricate projection art is carefully constructed to interact within the artwork, layering a narrative alluding to borders, immigration, freedom of movement, peaceful protest, government oppression and the strength of the human spirit in overcoming these challenges.

The symbolic use of the flag accentuates the power of non-violent protest and negotiation in the pursuit of peace. The project invites the viewer to connect with their humanity and to see themselves as a part of the whole; to feel an interconnectedness between humans and nature, and the fluidity of geographic understandings of place and home.

Music by Stellamara

Footage by ChopEmDownFilms