I was asked by the amazing Jeana Theron to lend my projection experience to this project that is so very close to my heart and so important to me to be involved in. The levels of GBV in this country are heartbreaking. We spent much time planning and talking about how to honour the women lost and shine a light on their life, how to do this with heart and soul…. thank you Jeana for all this and thank you Anthea for being there through it all and carrying the light with you. Thank you Elise Wessels for your beautiful illustrations.


Words by Director Jeana Theron: In 2019 an all woman team on behalf of First For Women, set out on the gruelling task to honour women and children who have died due to #genderbasedviolence. Not only did we shoot every night over Amnesty International’s #16daysoflight – but we went to the darkest places to shine a light. We went to actual locations where the murders had taken place, or where the bodies had been found, to tell the stories that had been left in the dark, we didn’t just honour 15 fallen women’s memories – we added a face, and a place, and a real, human story to the statistics, reigniting the compassion that South Africa had seemingly lost.

On the final day, we pledged to continue shining a light on women abuse, not just for 16 days, but for 365 days a year – a pledge we projected onto the side of the tallest building in Africa, the Leonardo Towers in Sandton.

Not only did our campaign attract the attention of local media, government and the UN, culminating in a final event at which NGOs, government and FFW agreed to work together to spread light 365 days a year, it also inspired ordinary South Africans to take action, leading to a 400% increase in pledges of help.

Which just goes to show what a little light can do in a world of darkness.

I would like to thank everyone involved. It was truly a life changing experience and an honour to part of this project. Congratulations on the all the wins – each and every one of us was integral to making this happen.

Agency & City: Densu Fox P2 Johanesburg @foxp2_ct
Creative Director: Grant Jacobson
Art Director: Lara ValeCopy
Writer: Lisa Bayliss
TV Producer: Leigh Harris @leighvisser75
Account Director Linda Fiebiger

Executive Producers: Melina McDonald & Lorraine Smit @melinamcd @lorrainesmit
Production Company & City: Darling Films Johannesburg
Director: Jeana Theron @jeans.theron
Producer: Nicci Cox @nicci_ismyname
Director of Photography: Natalie Haarhof @nataliehaarhoff
Projection Artist & motion design : Inka Kendzia @inkakendzia
Projection artist : Anthea Duce – @duceduce
DIT – @nena_with_an_e

Editor & Company: Jo Gibbon
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