The MR + GRRRL track features on Mr Sakitumi’s EP release ‘Sweet & Sour Vol.2’ (2014)
We filmed this ourselves in a fun night at the studio running back and forth between behind and in front of locked of camera. It’s my short lived foray into the world of rap rap rappidy rap…

styled by crystal birch (with the assistance of jade ayla rea & louise steytler)
mix and mastered by simon ‘ fuzzy’ ratcliffe (sound and motion studios)
you can download this track along with the full ep for free from MR SAKITUMI’s soundcloud page:

Our self-made music video for JUNGLE JIMMY even won a fab AWARD for “Most Original Concept” at Short&Sweet Musicvideo Awards 2014

colour-bursting eye-cuddles | bouncing eardrum-tickles | MR&GRRRL |

Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl were invited to be inspired by the sights and sounds while driving the Mercedes E 500 convertible with the top down to create a musicvideo for MB life – the online magazine
We loved every moment!

MR SAKITUMI made the music track all out of the sounds the car makes and just added the beat and the mood… it was such fun playing with a giant cabrio instrument : )