AURUM is a theatrical performance piece created by Inka Kendzia and Faith XLVII.
A multi-disciplinary project coalescing videography and dance into a live immersive installation.

The layered piece weaves together various narratives with overarching themes including immigration, borders, protest, government oppression and the strength of the human spirit to overcome these challenges. The symbolic use of the flag further explores notions of patriotism / nationalism / surrender / compliance / negotiation and ultimately peace.

The inaugural performance took place in Berlin and was Performed by Manthe Ribane, during the opening of the Urban Nation Museum in 2017.
For The Design Indaba Conference in South Africa in 2019, Aurum was performed by PURE.

Music by Stellamara
Video by Inka Kendzia
With footage by Zane Meyer of Chop ’em Down Films
Special thanks to Mr Sakitumi, Babalwa Tom and Ellena Lourens